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Our Story

Our founder once considered investing in his friend's wine and painting franchise in Bulgaria. Our founder didn't invest, but he brought two bottles of Bulgarian wine to the franchise owner as a thank you for his time and information. The franchise owner lit up and said this was the coolest gift he ever received.

We want other gift recipients to feel this happy. You can bring gifts that no one else has ever given before. As the climate changes, the worlds best wine regions change. Parts of Chile and South Africa now contain Mediterranian climates ideal for wine. Bulgaria, Georgia, and Croatia now trounce France and Italy.

We feel passionate about wines from these hidden gems, and want you and your loved ones to experience them too.

Choose Your Gem

Bulgarian Wine


Wine Enthusist magizine recently ranked wine from Bulgaria's Tracian lowlands of Southern Bulgaria above any wine from France, Italy, or California. Try and you'll see why.

Chilean Wine


The grapes in Chile's Colchagua Valley enjoy perfect weather year round. And the unique Chilean terroir puts better-known wines in Argentina to shame. Like California without droughts and floods.

Croatian Wine


A Mediterranean country which still has a historically "Mediterranean climate" in the Istria region, Croatia produces grape varieties grown nowhere else on Earth.

Georgian Wine


Gerogia's Caucus mountains moderate the seasons and feed the Kakheti region's soil with mineral-rich water. And Georgia's maglari process produces a one-of-a-kind taste.

Hungarian Wine


The volcanic soil and humidity-regulating fungus of Hungary's Tokaji region produce a distinct and rich mineral taste impossible to put into words.

South African Wine

South African

Another of the few Mediterranian (perfect) climate regions on Earth, South Africa's Worchester district provides the dry, temperate climate every grape dreams about.